HVAC and Refrigeration management and service for convenience stores

Our tailored solution with preventive maintenance enables you to avoid the headaches of constant breakdowns, contractor uncertainty, and expensive emergency repair fees, so you can focus on providing quality service to your customers

Refuel Pantry Streamlines Operations And Cuts Costs With Monaire

“Before Monaire, we didn't really have a system in place across our 35+ locations. After we signed up, Monaire came in and installed their sensors and thermostats, without having to replace our existing HVAC systems or thermostats. The transition was very easy. We have been able to save 15 to 20% on our energy bills, and reinvest that amount in growing our business.”


reduction in utility bills


reduction in equipment downtime


reduction in repair bills

We remove the hassles of HVAC and Refrigeration maintenance for convenience store owners

You provide quick service to your customers, shouldn't you get the same?'

No more breakdowns

Our advanced sensors and predictive maintenance protocols minimize the risk of frequent refrigeration breakdowns, ensuring your perishable goods remain fresh always and you save big on emergency repair fees and food waste.

More savings, better control

Our model optimizes HVAC and refrigeration systems for energy efficiency, helping control operational costs and cutting up to 30% in your energy bills.

Fastest response time

Our sensors keep monitoring your system continuously. If an error does arise, our AI-powered diagnostics triggers an automatic alert to one of vetted contractors and technicians. No more struggles to find contractors, especially during critical times or bad weather days. Slash your downtimes by 75%.

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