A boost of cutting edge technology for your age old HVAC systems

Our proprietary sensors convert your HVAC and Refrigeration systems into smart appliances. Our AI algorithms constantly monitor them and automatically dispatch skilled technicians to fix them, letting you focus on growing your business.

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The Monaire

Cutting-edge sensors and controls
We make your systems smart, capture signals from our sensors to identify issues accurately before failure.
HVAC and Refrigeration intelligence platform
Our AI-powered intelligence platform analyzes over 100 real-time data points from your smart systems, raises alerts with accurate error diagnosis and shares it with our trusted contractors and technicians for efficient repairs.
Expert service and contractor network
We have got your back when it comes to top-notch repair work. Every customer is serviced by 3 or more contractors at any given time ensuring minimal downtime.
Without Monaire
Day 0
Unit breaks unexpectedly
Day 1
Call the only contractor you know
Day 6
Contractor inspects
Day 7
Contractor orders parts
Day 14
Contractor fixes issue
Day 15
Receive massive bill


Yearly losses due to downtime


Yearly losses due to food wastage


Yearly repair cost


Energy savings


Hours spent intervening
With Monaire

Monaire in numbers

Data Points Processed
Repair savings
Energy savings
Pounds of CO2e reduced

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