Automated HVAC and Refrigeration service platform for facilities

Our tailored solution with preventive maintenance enables reduced HVAC and Refrigeration costs and downtime with energy-efficient technologies that align with your environmental sustainability goals

Matt K
Matthew Kautzky
Director of Real Estate & Property Operations, Goodwill North Central Wisconsin

Monaire helps Goodwill reduce Opex and HVAC waste by 15% within days of installation

“Monaire helped us uncover major issues with our HVAC units. We experienced significant savings in HVAC repairs and utility bills. Thanks to Monaire, we were able to gain operational visibility, make our facilities more sustainable, achieve cost savings and make informed capital expenditure decisions.”


energy cost reduction


reduction in HVAC repair costs


reduction in utility bills

We remove the hassles of HVAC and Refrigeration management for facility managers

Your focus is sustainability and cost savings. We help you do just that!

Sustainable practices, reduced Opex

We are committed to sustainability and reducing carbon footprints to align with your facility’s goals. Our AI-driven analytics optimize HVAC and Refrigeration systems, maximizing energy efficiency to lower operational costs while minimizing environmental impact.

Reduced workload for facilities staff

Upgrade to predictive maintenance with real-time data, analytics, and protocols for monitoring and interventions. Our systems help minimize the risk of breakdowns, optimize system performance, and ensure your facility runs smoothly.

Optimal comfort for occupants

We help you prioritize the well-being of your occupants. Our systems ensure optimum performance, minimal disruptions and help maintain indoor air quality through continuous remote temperature monitoring.

Trusted by major brands and businesses

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