Maximize savings and efficiency with AI-powered HVAC and Refrigeration management

Monaire's AI tech and world class service specialists help save energy costs, avoid downtime, and costly repairs

Trusted by major brands and businesses

Save over $7,500 yearly per location with our solutions


Lower energy costs


Lower HVAC and Refrigeration repair costs


Reduction in downtime


Upfront cost

Refuel Pantry streamlines operations and cuts costs with Monaire

"Before Monaire, we didn't really have a system in place across our 35+ locations. After we signed up, Monaire came in and installed their sensors and thermostats, without having to replace our existing HVAC systems or thermostats. The transition was very easy. We have been able to save 15 to 20% on our energy bills, and reinvest that amount in growing our business.”
Lakhbir Singh
Principal at Refuel Pantry

Caspian Grill saves over $12,000 in food waste in the first year with Monaire

“Monaire has overwhelmingly delivered on their promise - reducing stress and saving me money. Since I signed up with Monaire, I have not had any emergency repair bills!”
Emin Buzhunashvili
Owner, Caspian Grill Restaurant Group

Capitol Petroleum saves over $150,000/year with Monaire

“With over 24 years in the business, I can confidently say no one does a better job than Monaire. Their solution has made a positive impact on my bottom line and I trust only them to handle my units.I have easily saved around $150,000 on repairs, utilities, and food waste across my 16 locations.”
Owner, Capitol Petroleum

Monaire helps Goodwill reduce Opex and HVAC waste by 15% within days of installation

“Monaire helped us uncover major issues with our HVAC units. We experienced significant savings in HVAC repairs and utility bills. Thanks to Monaire, we were able to gain operational visibility, make our facilities more sustainable, achieve cost savings and make informed capital expenditure decisions.”
Matthew Kautzky
Director of Real Estate & Property Operations, Goodwill North Central Wisconsin

AI-powered detection. People-driven solutions

The only end-to-end automated HVAC and Refrigeration management service

Solutions for

Restaurant owners

Monaire serves as a personalized, tech-enabled HVAC and Refrigeration maintenance concierge for restaurants, ensuring optimal system performance, saving you money, effort, and minimizing food waste

Convenience store owners

Monaire makes HVAC and Refrigeration systems management for Convenience Store owners a breeze - reduced energy costs, no follow ups with repair contractors, and no unplanned outages

Facility managers

Monaire’s HVAC and Refrigeration management for facilities optimizes occupant comfort, cuts Opex, helps meet sustainability goals, and reduces the workload for your facilities staff

Reduce emissions,
cut costs

55,000 pounds*
of CO2e reduced
gasoline cars worth of emissions
trees planted

Partner with Monaire to reduce your emissions
Save energy, cut waste, prevent refrigerant leaks and significantly lower your carbon footprint for even bigger savings. Together, let's fight climate change!
*per year, per location

Calculate how much CO2e you can offset for your buildings

Number of locations
Pounds of CO2e saved per year
Number of cars taken off the road per year

Maximize savings with AI-powered, predictive HVAC and Refrigeration management