Capitol Petroleum saves over $150,000/year with Monaire

Customer overview

Capitol Petroleum, owned and operated by Farooq Shahzad, is a multi-location gas station and convenience store business based in Madison, Wisconsin. With a total of 20 locations, 16 of which are managed by Monaire, each site features multiple refrigeration units including walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, reach-in coolers, and reach-in freezers. The heating and cooling systems are powered by rooftop air conditioning units. Farooq oversees the management of all facilities, which are typically operated by cashiers, without dedicated facilities management staff.


  • Ineffective preventative maintenance: The existing preventative maintenance contract with a local contractor didn’t provide the desired value for Capitol Petroleum.
  • Sudden equipment failures: Refrigeration units would fail unexpectedly leading to delays and disruptions in operations. Farooq needed to constantly intervene to fix these urgently. 
    • Contractors would take a long time to respond to emergency calls, increasing downtime.
    • Food stored in the affected refrigerators would thaw during failures, resulting in significant product loss.
  • Overriding of thermostat schedules: Employees would override thermostat schedules, causing HVAC units to maintain set temperatures even when the store was closed and unoccupied. This resulted in unnecessary energy consumption and inflated utility costs.
  • Difficulties in finding contractors: On days with extreme weather conditions, finding contractors available to service equipment was a challenge. Unfortunately, most failures seemed to happen on these cold or hot days, leading to further delays in repairs.
  • Increasing HVAC and Refrigeration repair costs: Year over year, the costs associated with HVAC and refrigeration repairs were escalating, adding financial strain to Capitol Petroleum’s operations.
  • Limited facility management resources: Farooq didn’t have the budget to hire a dedicated facility management team. Additionally, he was uncertain regarding the training and management of such a team effectively.

Objectives with Monaire

  • Cost savings: Save money on energy consumption and reduce HVAC and Refrigeration repair costs.
  • Reduced downtime, smooth operations: Avoid business losses and reduce food wastage by preventing sudden refrigeration unit failures, ensuring uninterrupted store operations without the need for shutdowns.
  • Employee-independent/Automated issue reporting: Eliminate dependence on store employees for identifying and reporting HVAC and Refrigeration problems.
  • Hassle-free HVAC and Refrigeration management: Alleviate the burden of HVAC and Refrigeration related challenges and headaches for seamless operations.

Monaire solution and implementation 

Monaire implemented an advanced solution for Capitol Petroleum. We started by installing cutting-edge sensors and thermostats. Our skilled technicians fine-tuned the equipment and captured critical information. Then, our proprietary AI algorithms started analyzing the sensor data, processing over 100 real-time data points from each location. Accurate error alerts were issued through our HVAC and Refrigeration intelligence platform, which seamlessly shared the information with our trusted network of contractors and technicians. This ensured efficient, prompt repairs and minimal downtime. 

  • Installed sensors and thermostats:
    • Monaire technicians installed sensors and thermostats in all HVAC units to monitor and regulate temperature and performance.
    • Sensors were also installed in all refrigeration units to ensure the proper functioning and temperature control of perishable goods.
    • Additionally, Monaire placed sensors inside car washes to detect car washer heater failures, preventing any disruptions in service.
  • Locked thermostat controls with PIN code: To prevent unauthorized tampering and ensure consistent temperature settings, Monaire locked the thermostat controls using a PIN code. This helped avoid the issue of employees overriding temperature setpoints, thereby optimizing energy usage.
  • Identified poor condition of HVAC and refrigeration systems: During the implementation process, Monaire conducted a thorough assessment of Capitol Petroleum’s HVAC and refrigeration systems. Despite regular maintenance, Monaire discovered several issues, including:
    • Dirty condenser coils : The condenser coils were found to be dirty, affecting the efficiency and performance of the HVAC and refrigeration units.
    • Overdue air filter replacement: It was observed that the air filters hadn’t been replaced in a long time, leading to reduced air quality and potential system malfunctions.
    • Ice buildup on refrigeration evaporator coils: Monaire identified ice buildup on the evaporator coils of the refrigeration units, which can impair their functionality and increase energy consumption.

Results and impact

  • Cost savings: Within months of implementing Monaire’s solutions, Capitol Petroleum experienced substantial savings of $15k-$20k per location. This significant reduction in utility and repair costs proved the effectiveness of Monaire’s energy optimization strategies and minimized the need for frequent HVAC and refrigeration repairs.
  • Reliable HVAC and refrigeration operations: The unexpected failures of HVAC and refrigeration units became a thing of the past for Capitol Petroleum. Thanks to Monaire’s advanced AI algorithms, potential issues were detected early on, allowing Monaire’s technicians to promptly and efficiently fix them. This proactive approach ensured uninterrupted operations and eliminated the risk of business loss and food waste.
  • Enhanced facility management: With Monaire’s solutions in place, it felt like Farooq had a dedicated facility management staff solely focused on the care and maintenance of their HVAC and refrigeration units. The constant monitoring and timely interventions by Monaire’s experts provided peace of mind and reduced the burden on Capitol Petroleum’s employees – the days of receiving calls and complaints from employees about HVAC and refrigeration problems were over!
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Owner, Capitol Petroleum

Capitol Petroleum saves over $150,000/year with Monaire

“With over 24 years in the business, I can confidently say no one does a better job than Monaire. Their solution has made a positive impact on my bottom line and I trust only them to handle my units.I have easily saved around $150,000 on repairs, utilities, and food waste across my 16 locations.”



saved on repairs, utilities, and food waste


reduction in repair costs


reduction in energy usage

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