Refuel Pantry streamlines operations and cuts costs with Monaire

Customer Overview

Refuel Pantry operates a chain of over 35 convenience stores, travel plazas, and truck stops. Located predominantly in busy areas, these stores rely on refrigeration and HVAC to keep their products fresh and their customers comfortable. The stores feature a variety of cooling systems, including walk-in coolers, freezers, display coolers, and HVAC systems to maintain a pleasant indoor environment.


  • Frequent Equipment Failures: The refrigeration units in the stores would often break down, leading to significant downtime and product loss. Issues were usually discovered only after a failure occurred, as proper monitoring systems weren’t in place.
  • Lack of Preventive Maintenance: Busy with routine retail operations, the team often neglected maintenance tasks, like changing filters. This led to unexpected breakdowns and emergency situations.
  • Ineffective Management and Communication: On a particularly busy weekend, Lakhbir discovered a broken cooler that had been down for several days. The company they relied on for repairs was no longer operational. This resulted in lost sales and wasted man-hours as employees tried to manage the crisis.
  • High Energy Costs: HVAC and refrigeration systems accounted for more than 50% of Refuel Pantry’s energy bills. This led to high operational costs.

Objectives With Monaire

  • Reduce Downtime and Product Loss: A reliable solution to prevent unexpected refrigeration failures and minimize downtime.
  • Improve Preventive Maintenance: Implement a system that automatically detects potential issues and performs maintenance tasks without relying on store employees.
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency: Ease the burden of managing HVAC and refrigeration systems, allowing the team to focus on customer service.
  • Reduce Energy Costs: Reduce energy consumption and cut down on utility bills.

Monaire Solution And Implementation

Monaire provided a comprehensive HVAC and refrigeration management solution for Refuel Pantry. Our team implemented an advanced system with AI learning, sensors and thermostats. These systems monitored the temperature and performance of all units continuously. This proactive approach detected and addressed potential problems promptly. As a result, we were able to prevent costly breakdowns and improve efficiency for Refuel Pantry.

  • Seamless Installation and Integration: Monaire technicians installed sensors and thermostats in all the stores, without replacing any existing HVAC systems. Our team completed the installation swiftly, handling everything from setup to configuration. This quick and hassle-free process ensured minimal disruption to store operations.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Management: Our AI-powered system monitored temperature and performance continuously. This provided Lakhbir’s team real-time alerts for potential issues. The timely intervention and repairs prevented major failures from occurring.
  • Preventive Maintenance and Issue Detection: We implemented sensors and AI learning capabilities that were able to detect and predict problems before they escalated. This prevented costly breakdowns.
  • Energy Savings and Cost Reduction: We helped reduce energy consumption and cost of energy bills by optimizing Refuel Pantry’s HVAC and refrigeration performance. Our system also ensured consistent temperature settings. This further optimized energy usage.

Results And Impact

  • Downtime and Reliability: With Monaire’s preventive maintenance in place, unexpected refrigeration failures became a thing of the past. This led to continuous operations, reduced product loss, and eliminated the need for emergency interventions. For instance, when one of Refuel Pantry’s freezers showed signs of malfunction, our team identified a failing $20 valve – and saved thousands of dollars in potential losses.
  • Operational Efficiency: Monaire’s automated system took over the management of HVAC and refrigeration units. This shift allowed staff to concentrate on customer service and increase overall operational productivity.
  • Cost Savings: Monaire’s solutions helped Refuel Pantry reduce energy consumption by 15-20%, which led to savings on energy bills. Also, less equipment failures reduced the frequency and cost of repairs. The money saved was reinvested into the business, supporting expansion and improving profitability.
  • Enhanced Facility Management: Monaire provided Refuel Pantry a dedicated facility management team that focused on HVAC and refrigeration maintenance. This eliminated the constant stream of HVAC and refrigeration issues that were previously flagged to Lakhbir. It also helped ease the work of employees. 
Lakhbir Singh
Principal at Refuel Pantry

Refuel Pantry streamlines operations and cuts costs with Monaire

"Before Monaire, we didn't really have a system in place across our 35+ locations. After we signed up, Monaire came in and installed their sensors and thermostats, without having to replace our existing HVAC systems or thermostats. The transition was very easy. We have been able to save 15 to 20% on our energy bills, and reinvest that amount in growing our business.”


reduction in utility bills


reduction in equipment downtime


reduction in repair bills

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