Monaire helps Goodwill NCW reduce Opex and HVAC waste by 15% within days of installation

Customer overview

Goodwill North Central Wisconsin (NCW), part of Goodwill USA, operates in the North Central Wisconsin region. Their facilities team is responsible for managing 27 retail stores, 1 warehouse, and 1 office building. These locations are heated and cooled by rooftop air conditioning units. Goodwill NCW has a sustainability mission and signs annual preventive maintenance contracts for all their HVAC equipment.


Goodwill NCW’s facilities team faced a multitude of challenges when it came to managing their HVAC systems. With over 1,500 work orders, including occupant complaints, air filter changes, and coordination of preventive maintenance, the team invested significant time addressing these issues.

Goodwill NCW employees were not allowed on the roofs of stores to inspect HVAC units. As a result, they had little visibility into the actual condition of the units – forcing the facilities team to be always reactive.  This reactive approach resulted in higher HVAC repair costs and longer periods of equipment downtime. Meanwhile utility bills doubled over the past three years, making it harder for Goodwill NCW to reach their sustainability goals and straining their OpEx budget. Lack of visibility and insufficient data made it hard for the facilities team to justify equipment upgrades and changes.

Objectives with Monaire

  • Enhancing sustainability: Making their facilities more sustainable by reducing HVAC waste.
  • Opex savings: Reducing Opex related to HVAC, including utilities, the time spent by the facility team, and repair costs.
  • Occupant comfort assurance: Keeping occupants comfortable, minimizing complaints, and ensuring a pleasant environment.
  • Optimal heating and cooling: Maintaining ideal heating and cooling conditions in their facilities.
  • Enhanced operational visibility: Gaining visibility into HVAC operations, which was crucial for effective maintenance and decision-making.
  • Data-driven CapEx decisions: Ensuring a data-driven approach, leveraging data collected by Monaire to make informed CapEx decisions regarding equipment upgrades and replacements, and justifying investments for long-term benefits.

Monaire solution and implementation

Monaire implemented an advanced solution for Goodwill. We started by installing cutting-edge sensors and thermostats. Our skilled technicians fine-tuned the equipment and captured critical information. Then, our proprietary AI algorithms started analyzing the sensor data, processing over 100 real-time data points from the smart systems. Accurate error alerts were issued through our HVAC intelligence platform, which seamlessly shared the information with our trusted network of contractors and technicians. This ensured efficient and prompt repairs. Plus, our expert service and contractor network provided support simultaneously, guaranteeing minimal downtime.

  • Critical inefficiencies found and fixed within days: Monaire’s algorithms helped discover critical issues within days of install. Monaire promptly helped repair/replace units, preventing downtime and increasing efficiency
  • Data discrepancies resolved: Monaire identified and rectified substantial gaps in the CMMS data, including outdated unit information and missing records for newly installed units to ensure accurate tracking and comprehensive management.
  • Energy waste reduced: Monaire identified an energy-wasting practice – units set to maintain a specific temperature, resulting in excessive energy consumption. Correcting this setting resulted in a significant reduction in energy waste.
  • HVAC operations optimized: Monaire’s expertise addressed critical issues, improving the overall operation and efficiency of Goodwill’s HVAC systems. This relieved potential risks and fostered a safe and energy-efficient environment, aligning with their commitment to safety and sustainability.

Results and impact

  • Reduced HVAC waste and Opex: Monaire’s installation of sensors at each location resulted in a 15% reduction in HVAC energy use and a 30% reduction in HVAC repair bills. Plus, Goodwill facilities teams spent little to no time on HVAC issues!
  • No HVAC downtime: Uninterrupted HVAC operations with minimal downtime, ensuring the highest level of comfort and stability for occupants.
  • Better visibility and reports: Better visibility into HVAC systems, including pictures and detailed information on existing equipment and preventative maintenance visit reports.
  • Guided replacement decisions: Detailed proposals to guide Goodwill’s replacement decisions, including payback considerations and multiple options.
Matt K
Matthew Kautzky
Director of Real Estate & Property Operations, Goodwill North Central Wisconsin

Monaire helps Goodwill reduce Opex and HVAC waste by 15% within days of installation

“Monaire helped us uncover major issues with our HVAC units. We experienced significant savings in HVAC repairs and utility bills. Thanks to Monaire, we were able to gain operational visibility, make our facilities more sustainable, achieve cost savings and make informed capital expenditure decisions.”


reduction in utility bills


reduction in equipment downtime


reduction in HVAC repair costs

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